A look at USPTA Florida U30’s and first time convention goers

By USPTA Pros Aurelija Miseviciute and Jennifer Gelhaus

First of all, big GIANT thank you to USPTA and especially U30s and Jason Gilbert for getting me involved in the organization, and participation in first USPTA Florida Division Convention ever. It was a wonderful experience to meet new people, connect, learn, listen, participate, and just be part of it. It was a fun and educating experience. Being a part of USPTA is an opportunity and a privilege. It is very important to be able to connect with such a wide network of knowledgeable, educated, ... more

Military Mom Ensures Tennis and Education Make a Winning Combination

When Bonnie Vona first picked up a tennis racquet more than three decades ago, all she hoped for was a bit of fun and exercise. Little did she know that, one day, tennis would bring a tremendous amount of good to her life and the lives of countless others. Vona has promoted the sport as a Competitive Tennis Manager and certified official for the USTA in Texas and the Mid-Atlantic, where she’s still hard at work, but it wasn’t until her youngest daughter joined the U.S. Army that Vona discovered the sport’s life-changing philanthropic potential. ... more
Mark Your Calendars – November 15 is USPTA’s National Education Day

This year has brought many changes to USPTA, and one of the biggest is the implementation of the continuing education requirement. There is a renewed commitment to our mission of “elevating the standards of tennis-teaching professionals and coaches” that spearheaded this initiative. In order to help you reach your goal of six credits over three years, the USPTA Education Committee has designated Saturday, November 15, as National Education Day. Every division, and most districts, will host an educational event on that day. ... more
USPTA Masters Invitational Tournament Features “Best of the Best”

Play in the USPTA Surface Championships and you could be invited to participate in the USPTA Masters Invitational, a brand new event that will be held at the 2015 USPTA World Conference in New Orleans. This tournament, which replaces the International Championships, gives USPTA-certified Professionals an added opportunity to showcase their skills and earn more prize money. In an effort to enhance the USPTA Surface Championship Series, the Tournament and Rankings Committee decided to create the USPTA Masters Invitational, which will feature ... more

Who are Your Cardio Tennis Key Stakeholders? Try this new approach to grow Cardio Tennis fast!
By Mike Woody, TIA Global Cardio Tennis Trainer

Cardio Tennis Professionals across the country have a significant stake in growing their programs with new ideas and better understanding of customer motivations. Not only are there financial implications of growing Cardio Tennis, but this unique fitness experience can boost interest in the overall tennis agenda of your organization ... more

CEO's message

John Embree, USPTA CEOUSPTA Tournaments get New Twist

For as long as I can remember, USPTA members took pride in participating in either the International Championships during the World Conference or in one of the Surface Championships that were held during the year. Player of the Year honors continue to be an important distinction for those members who achieve success at these various competitions and are recognized each year during our World Conference. Unfortunately, we have seen a precipitous decline in participation in our USPTA ... more
President's message

Tom McGrawUSPTA Success is a Team Effort

In my first president’s message in January’s issue of ADDvantage, I wrote about our goals for the year, creating a new USPTA culture, and my commitment to staying the course on implementing our strategic initiatives. It’s been an active and incredibly busy time within the USPTA. We have made huge strides in the first three quarters of the year. I feel that it’s important that I continue to provide updates on what we have accomplished as well as where we are headed ... more

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