Access Great Content Anywhere, Anytime with USPTA TV

USPTA and Dartfish are very proud to announce the launch of the USPTA TV app for both iOS and Android devices. This free app, available in Apple’s App Store and Google Play, is a direct portal to educational content and teaching resources posted to the USPTA’s channel on Members can subscribe to content by logging onto, and thereafter access directly from the app. In addition to educational content, the channel will also feature new reference clip libraries that are a fantastic resource for use out on the court. Age-appropriate stroke reference clips with ... more
New Testing and Education Requirements, Opportunities for USPTA Pros

The year has gotten off to a fast start and there are lots of new initiatives for 2014. We have finally caught our breaths from the furious pace we set in testing and certification at the end of 2013. With the new category structure beginning in January, we conducted more tests in November and December than ever before, and now we’re busy implementing the changes involved with the new member categories along with the new education requirement. The new measures, which stem from the combined efforts of the Education, Membership, and Testing and Certification committees with ... more
Q & A with ThanksUSA Founders Rachel and Kelsi Okun
By Mandy Johnson, ThanksUSA

Two teenage girls from McLean, Va., have vowed never to forget our Armed Forces and their families by saying thank you through one of life’s most precious gifts – education. Nine years ago, at ages 8 and 10, ­Rachel and Kelsi Okun launched ThanksUSA, a non-profit organization that provides need-based post-secondary educational scholarships to the children and spouses of U.S. military personnel. Since its launch, Thanks-USA has awarded more than 3,000 scholarships totaling nearly $10 million. In 2012, the USPTA partnered with ThanksUSA to form Tennis Thanks the Troops (TTTT), ... more
USPTA, Fromuth Extend Partnership to 2021

The United States Professional Tennis Association extended its partnership with Fromuth Tennis an additional five years through August 2021 to be the exclusive provider of Nike footwear and apparel. The agreement links the No. 1 global athletic brand with the most influential group of teaching professionals in the world. In addition to the extended agreement, Fromuth Tennis will participate in the USPTA’s Retirement Gold+ program beginning April 1, 2014. For any USPTA Professionals who purchase more than $750 per year of Nike footwear and apparel for their pro shops ... more

Developing Athletic Skills Through Cardio Tennis –
The importance catching
and tossing

By Vivian Raj Chhetri

How often do you have someone start taking tennis lessons who has no athletic background? In a beginning class one very athletic person seems to pick up everything naturally and easily while another person has no feel for movement or racquet skills. Success in our sport requires a number of specific athletic skills in order to play ...

CEO's message

John Embree, USPTA CEOA Terrific Partner

One of the many positive unintended consequences of being in the industry as long as I have are the relationships that been developed and nurtured over the past 35-plus years. We all talk about how small our sport really is. Those of us who have been around for so long like I have often comment that “it’s the people” that make this great game so special.

Clearly, there is no more shining example of how our tennis world goes ‘round than the relationship that I have had with the ... more

Vice president's message

Jack MichalkoMake the Most of Your Career: Navigating Your USPTA Membership!

Know your association – As a member of the USPTA, you should become familiar with the association. The best tool to use is our brand new website! It’s very user friendly and there is a smorgasbord of information at your fingertips. Get involved – We all know that you get out of your membership what you are prepared to put into it. However, we all have significant time constraints that can make ... more
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