What’s Your Job? Make Tennis Fun!

By David Berens, USPTA

Last spring I attended the ­USPTA Southern Convention at the Standard Club in Johns Creek, Ga., and I can honestly say I’ve never had so much valuable information squeezed into three days of learning. From Feisal Hassan to Lane Evans and from Kirk Anderson to Frank Giampaolo, the message was clear: we want you to be the best teaching pro you can be, and here’s how you do it. I have a notebook full of scribbles that I may or may not be able to decipher, but I do know that there’s gold in those notes. I heard things I had never heard before, and I was forced to examine the things I had never heard before ... more
Top 5 Reasons We Created an App for the USPTA World Conference

There’s always a lot going on at the World Conference – seminars to attend, people to meet and places to go. The USPTA World Conference app will help you keep organized by giving you a customizable schedule, list of contacts, detailed maps and more right at your fingertips. Here are just a few benefits and reasons why you don’t want to miss out on it: 1. Access the event schedule and ­customize your agenda with ­personal appointments 2. Get reminders and schedule updates through the app with push ­notifications ... more
Promote a Service Return Court

By Joe Dinoffer, USPTA Master Profesional

Setting the Scene – What’s the second most important shot in tennis? Good question. Easy answer. It’s the return of serve. How can we reach this conclusion? We have charted the most frequently hit shots in tennis. Of course, the serve is the most often hit when you statistically factor second serves and double faults into the equation. The service return is a close second. What’s the most under-practiced shot in tennis? Also the return of serve. Considering this, we have a marketing gem just waiting to be discovered. Let me explain.... more
Competitive Edge: TGA Franchise, Passion for Tennis Give USPTA Pro Advantage in Market

USPTA Professional Stefan Gabler had the passion for teaching and growing his sport, and has found the competitive advantage in his North Carolina market by investing in a TGA Premier Youth Tennis (TGA) franchise. “Building my own business in the sport I am most passionate about has been very exciting,” said the Durham-based former television and radio producer who has been a USPTA instructor for a decade. “TGA has provided a proven business model and teaching methods that are receiving strong recognition within communities for how it is impacting youth and families of all demographics.” ... more

Who are Your Cardio Tennis Key Stakeholders? Try this new approach to grow Cardio Tennis fast!

By Mike Woody, TIA Global Cardio Tennis Trainer

Cardio Tennis Professionals across the country have a significant stake in growing their programs with new ideas and better understanding of customer motivations. Not only are there financial implications of growing Cardio Tennis, but this unique fitness experience can boost interest in the overall tennis agenda of your organization ... more

CEO's message

John Embree, USPTA CEO Appreciation for Tennis History

As most of you are aware, I spent much of my early career at Wilson Racquet Sports (17+ years). During that time, I came to learn so much about the history of our great sport from treasured time spent with some of the legends of the game. Frequent conversations with the likes of Jack Kramer, Vic Braden, Tony Trabert, Billy Talbert (US Open Tournament Director in the ’70s-’80s), Mike Blanchard (long time US Open referee) and Ted Schroeder, just to name few, left an indelible impression on me as a young professional getting started ... more

First Vice President's message

Gary Trost How to Expand Yourself as a Professional

 In a tennis match, we play to our strengths and when we practice, we all want to work on certain weaknesses to become a better player. This should be true of your professional skills and resume building to increase your worth at your current employment or obtain that dream job in the future. Here are some ideas and areas that I have worked on personally, or mentored other professionals and staff to become stronger tennis professionals in the future ... more

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