Pay yourself first

By Sean Sloane, USPTA Master Professional

For tennis professionals, preparing for retirement is crucial. Who wants to be feeding balls eight hours a day at age 66? In order to be well prepared for retirement at an age of your choosing, pay yourself first! Whatever your age, be sure to establish a retirement plan and contribute to that plan from every paycheck. The amount is not important – what is important is that you begin regular contributions. As you and your retirement plan mature, you can increase the amount of contributions as your paycheck­increases ... more
The True Warrior

By Nate Chura, USPTA

In 1968 an amateur tennis player named Arthur Ashe defeated Dutchman Tom Okker at Forrest Hills to win the first ever US Open Men’s Championship. The victory made Ashe a legend. Few people know, however, that at the time, the legend was a lieutenant in the U.S. Army. After his historic win, Ashe returned to his bachelor’s quarters at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, where he was stationed for nearly three years from 1966-69. It probably goes without saying, but Ashe was not your typical soldier. ... more
Competitive Fight + Emotional Control = Competitive Balances

By Ben Loeb, USPTA

Picture yourself walking across a tightrope with your hands out to each side to help your ­balance. On one hand is “Competitive Fight” and on the other hand is “Emotional Control.” In competitive athletics and specifically in a tennis match you need both. Competitive fight without emotional control will leave you frustrated and angry. You will not be at your best to solve problems in the match. If you have emotional control but not enough competitive fight, you will be playing the match while driving in neutral. ... more
Remembering Rich

By Shawna Riley

Long-time USPTA member Rich Fanning passed away on Friday, Aug. 21. He served as USPTA’s Director of Operations for nearly 27 years, retiring in 2013. This tribute is written by Shawna Riley, who served as USPTA’s Director of Communications for 22 years. Rich Fanning was the first person I met when I drove from Port Arthur, Texas, to Houston to interview for a job with ­USPTA in 1990. I was nervous, and he didn’t do anything to calm my interview jitters. I don’t think he cracked a smile during that first meeting. ... more
USPTA World Conference Returns with a Bang in Big Easy

The USPTA World Conference returned to its original format in 2015, and with New Orleans serving as this year’s host for the first time, it was one for the record books. Nearly 1,000 people came to the ­Hilton New Orleans Riverside throughout the week. “I think this is one of the best conferences we have ever had,” said USPTA Florida President Trish Faulkner. “Hotel was great with a friendly staff. Having the courts inside and within walking distance is a plus. The whole location next to the Riverwalk and within walking distance of so many excellent restaurants and sights was great.” ... more

Who are Your Cardio Tennis Key Stakeholders? Try this new approach to grow Cardio Tennis fast!

By Mike Woody, TIA Global Cardio Tennis Trainer

Cardio Tennis Professionals across the country have a significant stake in growing their programs with new ideas and better understanding of customer motivations. Not only are there financial implications of growing Cardio Tennis, but this unique fitness experience can boost interest in the overall tennis agenda of your organization ... more

CEO's message

John Embree, USPTA CEOThe Big Easy!

As I write this, we are still ­basking in the aftermath of what was truly a remarkable World Conference in New Orleans. Putting on a World Conference of this magnitude is a six to nine month process that epitomizes teamwork. What goes on behind the scenes cannot be comprehended by the attendees, as all they see is a well-oiled machine that delivers outstanding service and a first-rate event. Kudos to the USPTA staff! Total attendance equaled that of our WC in La Quinta in 2008 with almost 1,000 people coming and going during the six days. More significantly, ... more

Vice President's message

Jack MichalkoGetting my money’s worth!

I joined the USPTA in 1970 at the age of 23. I had just completed graduate school and secured my first (and last) job shortly thereafter. My main reason for joining the association was education and networking. While I was a good high school and college player, I realized that did very little to prepare me as a teacher or to run a business. It was obvious I would need help if I was to succeed in the tennis-teaching profession. Since I was beginning my new job just about the time the 1970 USPTA World ... more

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