Newsletter - ADDvantage Technology to Enhance the Game and the Places We Play 12:00:00 AMI remember when I first started teaching the game of tennis. The club where I began my career was still espousing continental grips and one-handed backhands, this despite considerable evidence that the game was moving to topspin grips and two-handed backhands.Recognizing our Very Best. 12:00:00 AMOne of our least publicized assets, yet one of the most important, is our own USPTA Hall of Fame. We spend so much talking about the matters that are at the forefront of our association today that not enough time is dedicated to celebrating those figures who have contributed so mightily to our organization over the years and to the game in general.This is Your Team of Leaders. 12:00:00 AMAs we pass by the first six months of the new USPTA national board of directors and our latest board of directors meeting in Oklahoma City, it is important that I take this opportunity to explain to you the national board&#8217;s jobs and committees. This will give you an update on where we are headed and how we will address issues facing the association.Short, Cheap, and Easy 12:00:00 AMThe three reasons given for why people don&#8217;t play more golf or tennis, or take it up, are always the same: takes too long, costs too much, too hard. But it does not always have to be this way.A New Direction for Racquet Head Speed: Adding Precision to your Coaching by Subtracting Doubt. 12:00:00 AMNick&nbsp; Bollettieri, the legendary coach, wrote in a 2008 TennisLife magazine article that &#8220;Generating this (racquet head) speed consistently is the solution to a more powerful game.&#8221; This sounds compelling. <br><br>But, will swinging with a high racquet head speed cause the ball to travel faster to the opponent&#8217;s court? The answer is sometimes.1968 What a Year 12:00:00 AMWe are just weeks away from going to New York for the TTC and our World Conference where we will celebrate 50 years of open tennis and the completion of the strategic transformation of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. This issue provides you with all the information that you need to entice you to join us at this year&#8217;s convention.So You Want To Be A Director of Tennis 12:00:00 AMWhen the USPTA was looking for volunteers among the Master Pros to be mentors for younger pros, I immediately volunteered. I did it in order to play it forward for all the mentoring I was fortunate to receive as I entered the tennis profession over 50 years ago.Why Breathing is so Important in Tennis 12:00:00 AM<b><font size="5">#1 Importance of breathing</font></b><br>How many of us coaches are spending time at our practices teaching our athletes how to breath and the importance of correct breathing in sports? <br><br>We are trying to find so many ways to correct the stiffness in the stroke technique to create power and accuracy. We are including different kind of mental practices to lower down the anxiety levels and build up the concentration levels.Sid's Corner - Learning from a Rookie 12:00:00 AMIts 99 degrees on court 11 at La Camarilla Racquet, Fitness &amp; Swim Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. I&#8217;m at the Southwest Division Conference, in the middle of an education and certification session.Setteo: Building Up the Tennis Community 12:00:00 AMSetteo, the biggest racquet sports community, launched a new app for players and the first universal and unisex P2P ranking.<br><br>The four-year-old company Setteo with the vision to &#8220;Make the world play together&#8221; is writing history with their new app, Setteo Player available on both the App Store and the Google Playstore. The objective is simple: connect 650M racquet sports players worldwide.<br><br>Right now, Setteo is the international reference racquet sports community, offering its services to hundreds of clubs and associations, connecting more than 150k players worldwide.<br><br>The next step in Setteo&#8217;s development is driven by a fundamental change in their technology: they will use the blockchain technology to decentralize the racquet sports ecosystem giving back the power to the players and creating a truly engaged community.<br><br><b>The current observation of the racquet sports ecosystem is as follows:</b><br><ul><li>No easy way to find a partner, a court or a coach, join a match and book a lesson as the community is fragmented and limited to the club environment.How Video Analysis Can Give You a Competitive Edge 12:00:00 AMThere is an old Asian proverb saying that it is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. This profound thought is perfectly applicable in today&#8217;s tennis world, where the importance of video analysis is hard to overestimate.If You Want to Go Far... Go Together 12:00:00 AMThere is an African Proverb that states &#8220;if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far&#8230; go together&#8221;. I strongly believe this is true for the tennis industry.Point Importance is Real and Important! 12:00:00 AMThe following article is a response to USPTA Master Professional Ron Woods&#8217; article, &#8220;Why There Are No Key Points In Tennis&#8221;, which appeared in the March 2018 issue of <i>ADDvantage</i>.<i> ADDvantage</i> Magazine and the USPTA welcome the discourse and advancement of differing points of view promoting a healthy exchange of ideas and coaching philosophies. As with all article submissions, the opinion of the writer do not necessarily reflect the views of the USPTA.<br><br>I read Ron Woods&#8217; article, &#8220;Why There Are No Key Points In Tennis&#8221; in the March edition of <i>ADDvantage </i>with great interest.Tennis Thanks the Troops All-American Family Day Bash 12:00:00 AMMay was Military Appreciation Month where we honor the service and sacrifice of America&#8217;s military families. Several anniversaries during the month celebrate the different branches, military spouses and children, culminating in Memorial Day when we pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.Here to Help how USPTA Pros can take advantage of their TSR 12:00:00 AMEven though I had some excellent mentors, having a Tennis Service Representative (TSR) to assist me in my early years as a young teaching pro could have helped me in so many ways that would have made a positive difference. <br><br>I would have been a much better pro by taking advantage of the opportunities to further my tennis education.May 15, 2017 12:00:00 AMWhy is this date significant in the annals of the USPTA? Simple: on that Monday, the new staff of the USPTA came together for the first time at the Guidewell Innovation Center in Lake Nona, Florida to begin the next chapter of the association&#8217;s history. While we had anticipated that our new building across the street from the USTA National Campus would be completed by this date, we were still a long way away from taking occupancy, which meant we had to convene somewhere.Our Competitive Edge 12:00:00 AMAs we are through the first half of the year I want to start off by saying how honored I am to be on the national board and to represent our great organization. Our greatest asset is our membership and I am proud to be a part of that membership and extremely excited about where it will take us into the future.Confidence: Achieving It and Keeping It? 12:00:00 AMThe most successful tennis players walk, talk and ooze confidence. Confidence shines through these players.Community Evaluation 12:00:00 AMDuring my career in teaching tennis, I have found it extremely useful to be able to conduct an evaluation of the tennis within a given community. This helps to direct your programming by being able to find what&#8217;s missing or weak within the community.The One Thing 12:00:00 AMThe single most important matter facing the USPTA, as a trade association, is the provisional accreditation agreement with the USTA. It will, theoretically, affect both the quality and quantity of our membership base.How To Extend The Life Of Your Tennis Courts 12:00:00 AMAcrylic hard courts, or cushioned hard courts, require very low maintenance. However, here are some tips to help extend the life of your courts and to keep them in top playing condition throughout the season.<br><br>A properly built tennis court should be sloped to prevent accumulation of water on the surface, and drain in one direction.Competition Can Help Build A Strong Junior Program 12:00:00 AMMost of my coaching experience is based on my European playing and coaching background. Since starting my American coaching venture two years ago, I have spent a lot of energy at my club boosting the advanced beginner and low intermediate side of our junior program.Rockin’ and Rollin’ 12:00:00 AMThere is so much going on in our association, it is difficult in the space that I have here to fully expound on all of the things that have taken place already this spring and the various initiatives that we have in the pipeline for the rest of the year. But, as I have been saying and will continue to say: &#8220;it is an exciting time to be part of the USPTA!&#8221; Here is why&#8230;<br><ol><li>In early April, we hosted the national board, the division Executive Directors and the Executive Committee for the first time in our new headquarters.Moving Forward 12:00:00 AMHi Everyone! I hope you are all having a great spring season wherever you are located. I am very excited that I was selected to be a new national board member for the USPTA.What Does 120 MPH Really Mean? 12:00:00 AMAs tennis players watch matches on TV, most commentators tell us how fast balls are hit -- serves going 120 mph, backhands going 100 mph. We can even see the ball speed display on TV and use it to judge the quality of the hit.Why A Lesson Plan Is Needed! 12:00:00 AMRecently one of my good buds was hired as a part-time tennis-teaching professional at a nearby facility. His first assignment was to team teach with one other pro with a class of beginning adults.My Five Fantastic Phrases as a Tennis Coach 12:00:00 AMWhat are your &#8220;go to&#8221; phrases as a tennis teacher? Everyone can reflect and come up with phrases they call out frequently to their students when they are on the court teaching; those important reinforcing words that trigger the successful execution of a tennis stroke, or strategy. I&#8217;ve enjoyed reflecting on my 34 year career, and determining mine.A Culture of Collaboration 12:00:00 AMRecently, I received a text message from my friend USPTA Professional Jose Rincon, who is a director of tennis in Port St. Lucie, Florida.Is Your Pro USPTA Certified? 12:00:00 AMIf you watched any of the Delray Beach Open in February, you may have seen several USPTA produced commercials that promoted our association. At the end of each spot, we served up a question that was targeted for consumers: is your pro USPTA certified? The intent was to encourage those who seek instruction or who work with a tennis instructor to find a qualified USPTA professional.Seven Takeaways from Halep’s Ascension to World No. 1 12:00:00 AMSimona Halep&#8217;s rise to the WTA world No. 1 ranking (March 2018) has been a long journey that saw the Romanian constantly improve her game as she climbed her way up the rankings.