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Rockin’ and Rollin’
by John R. Embree, USPTA Chief Executive Officer
There is so much going on in our association, it is difficult in the space that I have here to fully expound on all of the things that have taken place already this spring and the various initiatives that we have in the pipeline for the rest of the year. But, as I have been saying and will continue to say: “it is an exciting time to be part of the USPTA!” Here is why…
  1. In early April, we hosted the national board, the division Executive Directors and the Executive Committee for the first time in our new headquarters. Due to the turnover of division leadership in January, there were a lot of new faces in the room who were visiting our offices and the USTA National Campus for the very first time. I am thrilled about the direction that the association is embarking with the leadership of the new Executive Committee.

    Two of the most complex issues that were discussed at length during these meetings and will continue to be debated for the near future is the accreditation process and the impact it will have on our business along with Safe Play and background checks. The board and the Executive Committee will be focusing on these two highly charged matters over the course of the next few months.

  2. On April 20, a major collaboration took place at the USTA National Campus called the “Million Calorie Burn”. Through the massive efforts of the TIA, USPTA, USTA, USTA Florida, Cardio Tennis and PHIT America; we were able to conduct the largest Cardio Tennis event ever with over 200 participants and 20 courts. Michele Krause organized her incredible team of enthusiastic trainers to conduct the classes and the participants (to a person) had an incredible experience. This event was the launch pad for Play Tennis Month in May, when USPTA professionals have a goal to run 1,500 events across the country to raise awareness for PHIT America and get America moving!

  3. There will be two significant educational opportunities for our members here in Lake Nona in the coming months. On June 22 and 23rd, we will host a Level I certification for fitness providers, medical personnel and tennis teaching professionals with RacquetFit, our new partner from Titleist Performance Institute.

    Secondly, the USPTA Leadership Academy is set for July 13-15, intended to provide directors of tennis or those who aspire to be with competencies that they need to be attractive for managerial roles in clubs and facilities. Registration for both events will be forthcoming very shortly.

  4.  In this issue of Tennis Industry, there is information regarding the upcoming Tennis Teachers Conference (TTC) in NYC August 24-27. This will likely be the last TTC for some time so if you want to go to the US Open and get education credits at the same time, this is the best opportunity to do so. Don’t forget to register for the conference starting on May 15th.

  5. Finally, I wanted to mention three new agreements that have been recently announced. I am delighted to welcome Caribbean Sol to our growing list of endorsees. With our professionals exposed to damaging UVA rays on a daily basis, we needed a protective solution that is also environmentally safe to use. Caribbean Sol is that product. Once we trumpeted this news, they immediately began to receive orders from our pros that recognize the benefit of having this product for both personal use and their respective clientele.
In addition, two new affiliations with and UTR have been widely accepted. Literally a few days after we announced our deal with, over 600 people registered on their site. Because we all travel either personally or with our customers, there is a money saving opportunity when booking your travel with this platform. And, with the explosion of universal ratings at both the junior and adult levels, our relationship with UTR as the official rating system of the USPTA gives our members another “arrow in the quiver” to run different types of programs than they ever have.

In the months ahead, you will be hearing about a variety of other new efforts that are going to make your membership that much more valuable and appreciated. Thanks for all that you do to support our association.*